Becoming a Parish Councillor

Brixworth Parish Council currently has a number of councillor vacancies.

Why should I become a Parish Councillor?

If you are a Brixworth resident, this is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved in the way the village is run, to have your say on the development of houses and amenities within the parish, and to contribute to the local community.

Isn’t the Parish Council made up of retired old men?

Brixworth Parish Council is fortunate enough to consist of members both male and female from every generation, from early twenties through to retirement and beyond. We don’t ask your age when you join, but we estimate that more than 60 per cent of our members are below retirement age. This helps us to be truly representative of the community.

How much of my time will it take?

The Parish Council has one ordinary meeting per month, to which all members are summoned. There are additional working group meetings for various projects should you wish to contribute further, and local planning matters are discussed at a separate meeting every three weeks.

How do I become a Parish Councillor?

It’s a good idea to attend a meeting or two, to get an idea of what’s involved. Existing Parish Councillors will be happy to discuss this with you outside of meetings.

The actual procedure is very straightforward. When a Parish Council has advertised a vacancy for more than two weeks, there is no need for an election; the Parish Council can choose to co-opt individuals onto the council.

Email, telephone or write to the Clerk to the Parish Council, Mrs Emma Baker, to advise her that you’re interested in joining the Parish Council. The Clerk will ask you to submit a few details about yourself and how you feel you can contribute to the Parish Council.

At the next ordinary meeting, the council can vote to co-opt you, and you then become a Parish Councillor.

What happens once I’m co-opted?

You will be appointed a mentor to guide you and answer your questions during the first three months; you will also be offered a place on a training course for new councillors, which will be paid for by the Parish Council.