Conservation Area Review – Exhibition

Daventry District Council are undertaking a review of the Brixworth Conservation Area.

The conservation area was designated in 1979 and last reviewed in 2000. From this review a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan  will be drafted.

This Appraisal will set out the special architectural and historic interest of Brixworth village, including highlighting features which is desirable to both preserve and enhance. This includes architectural features as well as elements such as trees, green spaces and views. The Appraisal will also detail the general character of the conservation as a whole, including its setting.

The Management Plan will set out actions for the preservation and enhancement of the conservation area.

The Conservation area designation introduces certain controls over development, demolition and works to trees which recognise and aim to protect features of architectural and historic interest.

As part of the review there will be a public exhibition during the drafting stage. This will take place at the Community Centre on Wednesday 19th April between 3pm and 6.30pm. Please come along and learn more about this important piece of planning work.