Calling the Police


Northamptonshire Police has pledged to offer non-emergency callers a call back option in a bid to manage call wait times. The Police control room takes an average 1,178 calls a day, and from this figure approximately 167 crimes are recorded.

The pledge sets out an aim to answer 101 calls within 60 seconds and prioritise them according to the level of threat, harm and risk. The force also aims to answer 90 per cent of 999 calls within 10 seconds.

Once the assessment is done and the call put into the appropriate category, the caller may be offered a call back option, after a set time has lapsed, preventing callers from waiting for long periods to have their concern dealt with.

The Police know that people don’t like waiting when they call 101, but with large numbers of calls coming in, if it’s not a higher priority it may end up in a queue.

If a crime is not in progress you can also contact the Police using the online forms at