Next Edition of Daventry Calling


The next edition of the Daventry Calling magazine will be delivered to households district-wide from the week commencing 2nd December and will promote events taking place from the start of December to the end of February.

If you have any events taking place during this time, please could you email them to DDC on by Friday 11th October.

They will also be added to the Love Daventry ‘What’s On page’ at

If you have already contacted DDC to tell them of an event you do not need to do so again. If your event falls before December, please feel free to send it to us anyway and we can add it to the online events page.

Please also send any relevant pictures you may have – a picture from the same event last year, of the band or choir if it is a concert, or maybe a nice photograph of the venue. It all helps improve the design of the spread.

If you are aware of any areas within Brixworth  where Daventry Calling is not being delivered, DDC would be grateful if you could report it by emailing with your address (including house number, street name and postcode) of any homes which are not receiving the magazine.

This will help identify any delivery issues in your area and allow us to work with our distribution contractor to try to resolve them.