Section 106 Funding

Section 106 money is funding which has been provided by developers to mitigate some of the impact of new developments within Brixworth.


Brixworth has £242,050.67 to fund the following:

  • Outdoor recreation £108,904.83
  • Indoor recreation £67,882.53
  • Parks and public gardens £65,263.31

This money is held by the Daventry District Council but is subject to both the approval of the Parish Council and the District Council before any funds are released.

If you have a proposal and are an organisation that meets all of the criteria then you could be involved in the discussion. Applications are o be received no later than 28th February 2020. Applications will be considered by the Parish Council during March 2020. Those bids supported by the Parish Council will be submitted to Daventry District Council during April 2020.

To be eligible for S106 funding,  all submissions must – 

  1. Be affordable 
  2. Be an effective use of resources 
  3. Provide additional benefit to the community 
  4. Be accessible 
  5. Be realistic, achievable, and  ready to be considered and delivered within the required timescales.

Read more about s106 funding here.

Application Form

Guidance Notes