Hedgehog Highway!

Help us to create a Hedgehog Highway in Brixworth!

Hedgehog Highway Fence Surrounds
Hedgehog Highway Fence Surrounds

Brixworth Parish Council have 50 Hedgehog Highway surrounds from Hedgehogs R Us. If you would like one, free of charge, please visit The Info Point at Brixworth Community Centre & Library Building. They will be available on Mondays and Wednesdays, between 10am – 12noon from next Monday, 20th of March.

A Hedgehog Highway is a 5 inch gap in a fence or wall allowing access for Hedgehogs. These gaps are essential in the battle to prevent the extinction of our endangered spiky friends.

The Hedgehog Highway allows hedgehogs to:

* Forage for food

* Meet mates to breed

* Access nesting sites

Please note we are limiting these to one per household due to the limited number available. Available whilst stock lasts.