Host A Councillor – Open For Businesses

The Councillors at Brixworth Parish Council are committed to making a difference in the village. For some time, they have been meeting and greeting residents at the Community Centre & Library building. In a recent initiative, we launched ‘Host A Councillor’ giving our councillors the opportunity to meet even more people, from all demographics in other community locations. We were able to hear the thoughts, views and concerns of residents who may have been unable to attend one of our Saturday surgery sessions.

We are excited to announce that we are now extending our Host A Councillor programme to all local Brixworth businesses. Hosting a Councillor can foster collaboration, support local commerce, and provide a valuable platform for community engagement. It will also provide an opportunity for your team and customers to engage with a Parish Council representative.

host busniesses

If your business would be interested in welcoming a councillor (or two) to spend some time at your premises/offices, we would love to hear from you. We are very much interested in the views of everyone in the village and if you feel this would benefit your business, please contact us for further details.