WNC Launches New Electrical Recycling Campaign

West Northamptonshire Council has launched a new communications campaign to encourage residents across the area to recycle their electricals.

HypnoCat, the Recycle Your Electricals pink fluffy cat, will be hypnotising residents to recycle their electricals and he will appear in social media advertising across Northampton. 

WEEE image
WEEE image

The project will encourage residents to recycle small domestic electrical items, including toasters, kettles, sandwich makers, hairdryers, irons and other items alongside their household collections.  Small items of waste electrical equipment, which will fit inside a carrier bag should be placed on top of your domestic waste bin as follows: 

  • Daventry area residents: on top of the black general waste bin
  • Northampton area residents: on top of the blue-lidded recycling bin
  • South Northamptonshire area residents: on top of either bin
  • Residents can recycle their single-use vapes at Household Waste Recycling Centres or return them to where they purchased them from. Please do not place them with your household waste collection.

For more information click here: West Northamptonshire urged to recycle their electricals with launch of a new campaign | West Northamptonshire Council (westnorthants.gov.uk)