🌳🐦 Protect Our Feathered Friends: Avoid Hedge Cutting During Nesting Season! 🐦🌳

Did you know that many birds nest in hedges from March to August? πŸ£βœ‚οΈ By avoiding hedge cutting during this critical time, you help protect their nests and ensure the next generation of birds thrives.

Here are some reasons to hold off on hedge trimming:

Nesting Safety: Birds need a safe, undisturbed environment to lay eggs and raise their chicks.

Legal Protection: In many places, it’s illegal to disturb nesting birds. You could face fines if you trim hedges and disrupt nests.

Biodiversity Boost: Hedges are vital habitats for various wildlife. By preserving them, you’re supporting a healthier ecosystem.

Let’s give our avian friends the best chance for a successful breeding season. πŸ₯πŸ’š Delay your hedge trimming until the end of August. Your garden will still look great, and you’ll be doing a wonderful deed for nature!