Here is a handy list of some of the duties we must do and the powers we can use.

Our duties

The Parish Council MUST do the following:

Accounts. We must keep proper accounts which are audited and have someone responsible for keeping them.

Acceptance of Office All Parish Councillors have to sign to say they will follow the law and the rules of the Parish Council

Annual Parish Meeting. We must hold one for anyone in the Parish to attend if they wish. This is a meeting about parish matters, not just Parish Council matters. Anyone could call it, but in reality it is the Parish Council which does.

Annual Parish Council Meeting Called by the Parish Council as a “summing up” of what they have done during the year and electing new Officers.

Bio-diversity – duty  to consider it in all Council activity

Website information – duty to provide information

Our Powers

The Parish Council CAN do:

Allotments –  we can provide allotments if that is possible. The price of land makes this very expensive. There are already two allotment sites in the village. The contact for allotments (Not a Parish Council Service – these are run by Committee)

Allotments adj Saxon Rise – Frank Letts 01604 881229

-Allotments by the Church – Nigel Toseland 01604 889447

Benches – Provision of 3 benches, previously situated at the the Brixworth Railway Station and now placed at Glebe Road Allotments , the Millennium Gardens and on Holcot Road.

Burial grounds  At present Parish Council provision of this is not necessary in Brixworth

Bus shelters – we do provide bus shelters. Some near new estates are given to us by developers

Bye-laws We have bye laws for our Recreation Grounds which have the force of law

Christmas lights – We organise the community Christmas lights in the village every year year

Citizens Advice –  We have the power to provide grants to the CAB

Community Centres –  The Parish Council are trustees of the charity which runs the Community Centre building

Crime prevention – We have Speedwatch in the village with members of the local community being trained to use radar speed guns to educate speeding motorists. It is now run by the Community, but the Parish Council set it up initially. It runs at no cost to the Parish Council

Entertainment – power to support

Grass Cutting – The Council maintains the grass on its own land and works on a two weekly cycle. It also cuts the highway verges on the 30 mph roads only on behalf the Northants County Council. It is reimbursed for this work.To report grass cutting outside of the village area please use the NCC Street Doctor web service. 

Note – Grass cutting on The Ashway (David Wilson) please contact of call 01604 784000 (Option 3)

Highways –The County Council is the Highway Authority. However the Parish provides street seats, carries out the grass cutting on behalf of the Council and provides some environmental enhancements such as the entrance sign planters. Highway faults can be reported via the County Street Doctor online reporting tool.

Litter – We provide a number of litter bins and dog waste bins on our own land.

Newsletters – our newsletter is published in the Brixworth Bulletin at quarterly intervals. This is supplemented by our website and Twitter & Facebook feeds in between times.

Parks – we own and maintain St Davids Rec, Spratton Road Rec, the Ashway Sports Field , the Pocket Park near Eaglehurst and a number of smaller patches of land throughout the village. We provide and maintain play equipment on them.

Planning We are consultee’s on Planning Applications, though the District Council makes the final decision. We also consider Pre Apps if these are referred to us for comment.

Play Equipment –  Provision of play equipment at Spratton Road, The Ashway and St Davids Recreation Grounds.

Street Lights – The Parish Council owns and maintains street lights at St Davids Road, Swedish Houses at Froghall and near the Church. To report a Parish Light out please use the contact form, These lights are 2 x 35w Low Pressure Sodium (Sox), 5 x 80w High Pressure Mercury (MBF/U) and 1 x 36w Low Pressure Mercury (PL)

Note – Street lights on The Ashway (David Wilson) please contact of call 01604 784000 (Option 3)

All other street lights are owned and maintained by the Highway Authority. Please use Street Doctor to report faults.

Traffic calming – We can take measures to reduce speeding. In 2018 we introduced a Speed Indicator Device and this is moved around the village. We share the collected data.

Transport – powers to fund community transport schemes

Trees – Maintenance of over 100 trees. All inspected on an annual basis and any required work undertaken.

Village signs – powers to provide village signs.

War memorials – The Parish Council has taken on the right to maintain this listed memorial and in recent times has arranged its cleaning.

What else could we provide?

Not top of our list, but we have powers to provide Public Clocks, to buy land, can subsidise any telecommunications facilities and also provide public toilets.