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 Documents that a Parish Council should haveView here  Updated 2023 
 Schedule of actual Policies & ProceduresView here   
 Business Planning     
 Business Plan BPC-business-plan-2016.pdf  2021 
BP02 Meeting DatesView hereAnnually2024 2025
 New Councillor InductionView here   
CORP 01Councillor Absence PolicyView here2024Feb 2024Feb 2025
CORP02 Code of ConductView here2024May 2024May 2025
 CORP03Standing OrdersView here2018May 2024May 2025
CORP04Equality PolicyView here20202023March 2025
LINKRegister of Members InterestsView HereOngoingOngoingOngoing
CORP05Grants PolicyView here2020April 2024April 2025
CORP06Customer ComplaintsView here2020April 2024April 2025
CORP07Roles and ResponsibilitiesView here2020May 2024May 2025
 CORP08Planning Committee Terms of ReferenceView here2022May 2024May 2025
 CORP09Finance Committee Terms of ReferenceView here2023May 2024May 2025
 CORP10Personnel Committee Terms of ReferenceView here2022May 2024May 2025
CORP12Safeguarding PolicyView here2021March 2024March 2025
CORP14Risk Management PolicyView here2024April 2024April 2025
CORP 15Computer Use PolicyView here2024March 2024March 2025
CORP 16Whistle Blowing PolicyView here2024April 2024April 2025
CORP 17Councillor Absence PolicyView here2024February 2024February 2025
EP01Environment PolicyView here2019March 2024March 2025
EP02Parish MapView here202320232026
EP03The Green FrameworkView here202320232025
EP05Lighting PolicyView here2024March 2024March 2026
  Document Management including GDPR    
DM01Document Retention PolicyView here202220222025
DM02Document Retention ListView here202220222025
DM03BPC Publication SchemeView here March 2023March 2025
DM04Model Publication GuideView here March 2023March 2025
DM05Data Protection PolicyView here2018March 2023March 2025
DM06Data Breach Policy & LogView here2020April 2023April 2025
DM07PrivacyView here2020May 2024May 2025
DM08CCTV PolicyView here2023June 2023June 2026
CORP 18Financial RegulationsView here2022May 2024May 2025
FP0Budget 2024-2025View here2024December 2023December 2024
 Reserves PolicyView here20182021 
FP03 Banking ArrangementsView hereAnnualMay 2024 May 2025
FP04Internal ControlsView here2020March 2024March 2025
FP05Risk RegisterView hereOngoingMay 2024May 2025
FP06Annual Return Governance StatementView hereAnnual2023 – 20242024 – 2025
FP07Annual Return Accountancy StatementView hereAnnual2023 – 20242024 – 2025
FP08Asset Register (Land)View here2022March 2024March 2025
FP09Asset Register (General)View here2020May 2024May 2025
 Employment Policies     
EMP01Employment HandbookView here   
EMP02National Pay and Conditions (National Joint Council)View hereOngoing2024 
 EMP03Health & Safety PolicyView here20122023June 2025
 EMP04Disciplinary ProcedureView here2015  2023 2025
 EMP05Grievance ProcedureView here201820232025 
EMP06 Dignity at Work, Civility & Respect PolicyView here 20232023  2025
 Lone Worker Policy Lone-Working-Policy-and-Guidance-100316.pdf    June 2025
 Training and Development PolicyView here   
 EMP10Capability PolicyView here 2024 Jan 2024 Jan 2026
 EMP11Bereavement, Compassionate and Special Leave PolicyView here 2023 2023 2026
 EMP13Appraisal PolicyView here 20172023 2026 
 Expenses Policy    
EMP12Recruitment PolicyView here202320232026
 Media & Communications     
MC01Social Media PolicyView here2022March 2022March 2024
 MC02Web Site Policy2023 April 2024  September 2026
MC03Web Site Accessibility StatementView here2020March 2024March 2025
MC04Social Media Acceptable Use PolicyView here2022March 2022July 2024
PL01National Planning FrameworkView here20122021 
PL02West Northants Core StrategyView here2014  
PL03Daventry Local PlanView here2020  
PL04Brixworth Neighbourhood PlanView here201120212029
PL05Brixworth Design GuideView here   
REC01ByelawsView here   
REC02Recreation Grounds & Open Spaces Conditions of Use and HireView here2022September 2023 September 2025
REC 03MUGA (St David’s) Conditions of Use and HireView here2023September 2023September 2024
REC04Use of Bouncy Castles on Parish Council LandView here 2023September 2023  September 2026
Working Group Terms of Reference
WG01Sports LiaisonView here2020September 2023September 2024
WG02Strategic PlanningView here2013August 2023August 2024
WG03Climate ActionView here2021September 2021September 2022
WG04BuildingsView here2001August 2001August 2024
WG05AllotmentsView here2023December 2023December 2024