Lighting of the Brixworth Beacon – 11th November 2018

A Nations Tribute – 100 years of remembrance

Please join us to pay your personal and community tribute to those millions that gave their lives for their country or returned home wounded during or after the dreadful darkness of four years of World War One



6.50 – Welcome
6.55pm – The Battle’s Over – The Last Post

The Last Post will be played at many of the 1,000 WWI Beacon sites throughout the United Kingdom

7.00pm Battle’s Over – WWI Beacons of Light

After darkness has fallen, more than 1,000 Beacons of Light will be lit throughout the United Kingdom.

7.05pm Battle’s Over – Ringing out for peace!

As beacons blaze around the country, bells in 1,000 churches and cathedrals will ring out in celebration of the end of the First World War. Many people in Britain live within hearing of church bells, which call congregations to prayer and mark special occasions. But the sound of mighty bells, some of which are hundreds of years old, also provides a stirring soundtrack to historic events.

The stirring sound of church and cathedral bells will provide a fitting conclusion to a day of contemplation, commemoration and, ultimately, celebration as our country and other nations reflect on events a century ago on the battlefields of Europe and at home in our factories and farms

710 Short Reading
715 Close

The Beacon is located to the front of the All Saints Church