Media & Communications Committee

This Committee provides a decision making forum with regard to social media and communication projects relating to Brixworth Parish Council and to report to the full Parish Council.  The Committee will suggest, facilitate and approve articles and generate communication on agreed social media sites to engage and exchange views with the residents of Brixworth.

For the purposes of this Committee, social media is defined as being any online service which facilitates real-time public conversations and engagement, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Membership comprises of 5 nominated members of the Parish Council and the Clerk. The quorum is a minimum of 3 members of the committee. The meetings are held once a month usually on the third Wednesday of the month. Approved minutes are reported to Full Council for information.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of social media engagement, social media articles and responses may be suggested via email to the Committee and approved for posting by a quorum via email. If an idea for a social media posts is suggested by somebody who does not have the ability to post it once the required number of votes has been determined the original author will email the Clerk with the wording for both Facebook and Twitter and the Clerk will post the article except in emergencies when another Councillor may do it.

The Committees provides up to date information for Brixworth Parish Council website. All statutory information such as agendas, minutes, etc. are managed by the Clerk. All press releases and articles are approved by the Media and Communications Committee and are then circulated to members of the Parish Council by the Clerk before publication. The Committee also administers all Brixworth Parish Council social media sites. Information placed on social media sites are agreed and administered via the Committee and are subject to their amendments.

Budget issues relating to the Media are always decided by the full Parish Council.

Parish Councillors who post information on their own social media accounts are  representing their own personal views and not that of Brixworth Parish Council.