Full council meetings are currently held on the last Thursday of the month and are held at the Community Centre & Library on Spratton Road . The start time is usually 715pm. Access to the meetings is via the side door. If you require access via the main door please contact the Parish Clerk who will arrange.

Most Parish Council meetings have a public forum at the beginning. Members of the public will be invited to speak during the public forum, but any questions asked will not usually receive immediate answers. Members of the public who wish to ask a question of the council should ensure they leave their contact details with the Clerk, either by email, or written down before or after the meeting, to allow a written response.

The Planning Committee meetings held at three weekly intervals and take place at the Community Centre & Library on Spratton Road. Extraordinary meetings occur when there is urgent business to transact that cannot wait until the next council meeting.

The Media & Communications Committee meet on the third Wednesday of every month. These meetings start at the earlier time of 645pm. The venue is the first floor Community Meeting  Room at the Community Centre and Library.

The dates of all of our scheduled public meetings can be found on  the events page of this web site.

Please check the web site prior to attending a meeting as they can rearranged to meet the business requirements of the Parish Council.