Who are the Brixworth Parish Council members?

Please note that initial contact with the Parish Council should be made through the Clerk.

For further information about the structure of the Parish Council including details of the Committees and Working Groups please see the About Us page.

For information about Councillor membership of Committees and Working Groups, please click the link below.

Brixworth Parish Council is comprised of fourteen Parish Councillors. The Chairman is Jackie Bird and the Vice Chairman is Lynne Compton. Our Parish Council has three officers, The Parish Clerk, Josie Flavell and two Administrative Assistants. BPC also employees a groundsman and cleaner.

Brixworth Parish Council Councillors

The Councillors Of Brixworth Parish Council – To contact a councillor, click on their name.

Council Staff

Register of Interests

Our Councillor’s register of interests can be accessed from the individual parish council contact detail page found here: Brixworth Council Register of Interests