Planning Consultation

Daventry District Council is consulting on the proposed submission Settlements and Countryside Plan (Part 2). This runs from Monday 13th August until Friday 5th October 2018.

This Plan will include a proposed revision to our Special Landscape Area. As a result of this revision, an area of flood plain from Boughton Crossing to Maidwell including that part of the Parish of Brixworth west of Northampton Road and Froghall, will now be excluded from the revised Special Landscape Area.

This would be contrary to the community led Brixworth Neighbourhood Plan and we are concerned that this could reduce the level of protection against development in the countryside.

The District Council is holding a staffed exhibition at Brixworth for people wishing to find out more about the Local Plan. This will take place at the Brixworth Library on Monday 3rd September between 2pm and 6pm.

Further details about the Local Plan, the consultation and the supporting evidence base are available from the District Council’s  website:

Residents are asked to make their views known through the consultation process, particularly by visiting the staffed exhibition on 3rd September.