Hedgerow Heroes!

Brixworth Parish Council have recently been awarded a grant from CPRE, the Countryside Charity, to plant new hedgerows in Brixworth. We have already planted two new hedgerows at St David’s and The Ashway.

Our humble hedgerows are the unsung heroes of the countryside. They’ve been adding beauty and character to our landscapes for centuries, while providing the food and shelter that sustains our wildlife. They protect the soil, clean the air and absorb carbon emissions.

In March, 2023, a group of volunteers completed a 10m section of hedgerow in The Pocket Park off Eaglehurst. Our thanks to the Brixworth Wombles, Friends of Brampton Valley Way and Brixworth Country Park, Pocket Watch! and all the other volunteers who helped bring this project to life.

Of course they will take time to grow and mature before they can provide food for birds, and we would love your help to fill the gap. Here is a very simple activity for the whole family to make winter bird feeders to hang in your garden.

We would love to see your creations! Email your photos to or drop them into the Info Point at the Library and Community Centre building.

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