No Mow May

You may have noticed that some of the grass verges around the village have not been mown for the past couple of weeks. This is because Brixworth Parish Council is celebrating ‘No Mow May’ and letting grass grow wild, in some carefully selected areas of the village, to help create more spaces for bees, plants and insects to thrive.

The movement was started in 2019 by conservation charity Plantlife, who is once again urging people to keep the mower locked up for another month to allow spring plants a chance to set seed before the first cutting, making for healthier, more diverse lawns.

This will also give common short-grass flowering species – such as daisies and white clover – a chance to flower. This can boost nectar production for bees and pollinators by 10 times.

Additionally, this gives wild plants to get a foothold in May, to feed bees, butterflies and other pollinators through summer.

Our parks and recreational grounds will be maintained as usual to provide safe spaces for children and sports.

No Mow May