Planning Applications 2022/2023

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BPC does not make a final decision on any planning application put before it, it is an advisory body to West Northamptonshire Council. (Daventry District).

However the BPC’s role is important as its recommendations are based on local knowledge including:
• The suitability of the site for the proposed use;
• Conflict with Council or National Planning policies;
• Whether the appearance and size of proposals are in keeping with the village and neighbouring properties;
• Whether the proposal will overshadow or overlook neighbouring properties;
• Whether the proposal will generate noise or disturbance;
• If the access and parking arrangements are safe and suitable;
• The visual impact and loss of trees or hedgerows.

Please see the links below for planning decisions for 2022/2023:

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September (Meeting cancelled due to death of Queen Elizabeth)

October 2022

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December 2022

January 2023 (Meeting cancelled as not quorate)

February 2023

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